Frequently Asked Questions


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What are my rates with Premier Pink Payment Solutions? 


Premier Pink Payment Solutions is partnered with multiple Banks and Processing Networks. This allows for more options to meet our client's needs. Our diversity and partnerships allow us to offer our merchants a “custom fit” package tailored towards their specific business needs. We are different, no more bait and switch! We aim to educate our clients so they can finally get out of the “RATE GAME” that can cost them more money. We transform competitor’s current pricing program to a transparent pricing model – clear of hidden fees! Despite what your phone company may have told you, "Bundled isn’t always better!"™ 


Do I have to have a minimum amount of transactions each month to use Premier Pink Payment Solutions? 


Absolutely not! We offer low cost electronic payment processing and business development tools that enable our Merchants to accept multiple forms of payments that will help them grow their business no matter what the size. 


Why should I choose Premier Pink Payment Solutions? 

  • Save money on your credit card processing costs. 

  • Support one of the most reputable charitable organizations on an ongoing bass in their fight to prevent breast cancer. 

  • Have the most effective and efficient processing services for your business 

  • Receive recognition as a participant in the Premier Pink Program 

  • Know you are doing your part to make a difference in the world. 

  • Increase your revenue by advertising your participation in the program. 


How do I contact Premier Pink Payment Solutions? 


Please go to the Contact page. You can call, fax or email at your convenience. 


What businesses would benefit from Premier Pink Payment Solutions? 


Any type of business that takes credit cards or ACH as a form of payment from its patients, customers and patrons can participate in the Premier Pink Program. From a brick and mortar business to one on the go, we have the solutions for you.

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